What is Wholistic Coaching? 

As a Clinical Social Worker, I have always worked with clients from a wholistic approach (psychosocial perspective). So, it was not a stretch for me to use the same frame of reference in providing Wholistic Coaching. I work with you as a whole person and all that is involved with being you!  I am client focused which means you choose what you want to focus on and I will teach and support you with attaining your goals/successes/life changes…

Wholistic approach understands that two people can involved in the exact same event but can experience it very differently. 

My Wholistic Coaching Practice sees you as an individual who has their own unique blueprint of how and why, you are, who you are. Each person has their own set of beliefs and patterns of thinking which are influenced by many factors, like, how we were raised (family life), social environments (communities we live in), culture, biology and more. Given this, I do not use a one size fits all approach work with you. 


as just that – kind of thing.  It starts where you are. It is client focused. Wholistic Approach uses the psycho-social approach in supporting you in achieving the life you want.  due to social, psychological and biological understanding that no two people are exactly the same even if they experienced the exact same every individual is unique in what makes us who we are. because there are many factors that shape who we areMy wholistic approach takes into consideration that there are areas which you are highly developed and others that require a little extra attention to blossom. 

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