Personal Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching

This is my Signature method. The formula derives from a biopsychosocial lens that gives a fuller and richer picture of your unique signature, or, blueprint so-to-speak.  Fundamentally, it is what makes us who we are is a collection of biopsychosocial factors including one’s temperament, attachment style, biology, genes, family history, financial history, past and current social environment, spirituality, culture and more. Your Signature is what drives every belief, decision, pattern of thinking, choices and behaviour.

With my signature approach you can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to for a successful life.  Think: “When a man is hungry, it is better to teach him to fish than to give him a fish.” Confucius. 

How Does My Signature Coaching Differ from Others?

In creating my Signature Life-Coaching Program I arrived at a methodology arranged from a variety of therapeutic and practical tools that I have gained throughout my academic and professional career in mental health and addiction. I have taken what I believe are the most valuable assets from an assortment of therapy modalities, clinical research (including neuroscience), constructive feedback from clients (what works and what does not) as well as insights from my own life’s journey. Additionally, I include known common patterns of behaviours of some of the world’s most successful people.

Everyone has their own unique signature or blueprint so-to-speak. Your Signature is what make you, you.  It is made up of and is influenced by many biopsychosocial factors, such as: temperament, biology, genes, family history, financial history, past and current social environment, spirituality, culture and more. Your Signature accounts for your beliefs, the decisions you make or do not make, as well as patterns of thinking and behaviour. Basically, it explains why you are the way you are! Exciting, I know!  The skills you learn from this knowledge help to redesign what is not serving you and accelerate what is serving you! 

How Does It Work?

Together, we will review your life story and trajectory to create your distinctive Signature. Through this process we uncover your unique strengths and skills. Conversely, we will pin-point specifics in your blueprint that may be working against your best interest and interfering with your goals for a successful life. I will teach you how to deactivate (or significantly quiet) the brain’s neural pathways associated with these behaviours, beliefs, etc. so that they no longer fire and wire together (unlearning). Similarly, I will guide you through a process of strengthening helpful aspects of you while introducing new behaviours and thought patterns to activate neurons  to fire and wire together (learning) when practiced regularly can change your Signature to match your goals and life values. The result is a transformation of your unique Signature that now equals your goals and desires. The rest is pie in the sky!