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First, it is both my legal and ethical responsibility which is legislated by my College of Social Workers as well as Canadian Laws ( PHIPA  and HIPPA )  to ensure your information is confidential.  

Angela Seabourne E-Counselling video conferencing works like Skype or Facetime but leagues ahead in terms of security. Your confidentiality and privacy is taken seriously. I use a highly encrypted server (noustalk) designed for medical and mental health professionals that abides by HIPPA and PHIPA confidentiality requirements.  Feel free to check it out  You can learn more about it here:  This means sessions are safe, secure and confidential.

Are you shopping around for the right therapist/coach to work with (I highly recommend you do) or, are you just starting to think about it? Understandably, price is an integral part of any decision. However, when it comes to your emotional, psychological health and your future, the connection you have with your therapist or coach takes priority over the dollar. You could have an excellent and knowledgeable therapist/coach, but if you can not “connect” with her or him, you may as well dump your money down the drain. Research has shown time and time again, unsuccessful therapy is a direct correlate to the lack of therapeutic rapport (connection). Like friendships, some people you connect with and with others you may struggle to find common ground. Therefore, I highly recommend you consult before you invest.

I offer many packages depending on your individual needs. Feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation to determine what package will provide the most value and impact toward your wellness and personal success. Then, when you are ready to make a decision, you will know what to expect regarding my services.

Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is transformation! – Thank you for your time and interest.

Advice is Not Therapy

Sometimes, all we need is to be heard, to say it out loud to a compassionate friend or loved. That is all good. 

Therapy is for those times when it does not matter how often we talk to friends or seek advice, the bad feelings or the difficult situation, does not go away, and if it does, it is for brief moments of time.

Advice is not therapy, it is just that, advice. Think of the last time you gave someone advice; did they take it? If so, that was probably one in a million – lol! Advice is good for stock suggestions, buying or selling a home, and other transactional events. When it comes to emotional and mental health healing advice does not help. In fact, if a therapist offers you advice when it comes to YOUR personal life, that is a red flag.  A qualified therapist is learned and skilled in helping you uncover the answers which are unique to you, your life, unique to the shoes you walk in not someone else’s.

Successful therapy is a collaborative approach and provides an environment permitting clients to speak up or ask therapy related questions at any time without fear of retribution or judgement. Trust is the building block for good therapy and it can take time to build. Timing can be everything.

Yes, the therapist is the expert (and should be or why bother seeking one – lol!) but that does not mean the therapist has more value or that he or she understands you (the client) more than you  understand yourself.  Think of it like this: The client uses the therapist’s expertise as a safe place, a ‘home-base’  that they can always depend-on to be there in times of need and in times of successes! Someone they can come back too, even after long absences, in their journey to wellness. Both client and therapist  are of equal necessity and thus of equal value in the healing relationship.

The therapeutic process is what many neurologists call right brain, right brain interplay between client and therapist. Meaning the inter-relating that occurs in the therapy session between client and therapist stimulates healthy neural activity, creating lasting and structural changes (for the better) in the brains of both the client and the therapist (one of the benefits of the job – wink-wink!).  Good therapy, is very different from a good hearted and well intentioned friend helping to lift your spirits when you are down. Sure, that is also beneficial, however, the sad mood will only return. Lasting change requires good therapy!

I could go on and on but instead, invite you to a free consult where I will happily elaborate on this topic.