Confidence and Self-Esteem

One Sorry Day

“I hold my gaze on her, a look that insists she apologize for the damage she just caused. No such luck! She does not even acknowledge my existence, never mind, apologize!”

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Chains That Bind: How Stigma Plays a Role in Recovery from Psychotic Illness in African & Caribbean Communities

“What’s going on? In speaking to a number of non-white colleagues, a theme presented around cultural stigma. A good friend and fellow social worker explained: “Stigma is a systemic problem in African communities; even highly educated professionals find it is easier to believe a loved one is possessed or lazy in order to escape socially constructed responsibilities like getting married and having children. Anything but accept the shame of a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Also, psycho-education often doesn’t work. How can you educate people when they refuse to believe schizophrenia even exists?”

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